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This Legacy...

... Starts at 7:30pm.

(Said in the voice of Sophia Petrillo from the Golden Girls) Picture this: San Jose, 1938. A group of guys decide to meet in a basement on Mondays at 7:30pm.

What those guys would do, I can only imagine. As it turns out, one of those guys (also the resident of the house where that basement was located...), was Jimmy (Cheech) Lacitignola - my Grandpa (Gramps/Papa Jim). He met with 6 of his closest friends in that basement on 6th Street in downtown San Jose every Monday, with out fail, at 7:30pm.

Except when they didn't.... The United States entered WWII in 1941 and most of the 7 joined up and got shipped out. Those that stayed state-side would send over care packages. They all returned safely, and resumed their meetings. More guys were invited to join, and the club grew.

Soon it was official - they were members of the 7:30 Club. They organized dinner-dances where they'd take their wives/girlfriends out for a night on the town, they had BBQs in the summer, …

Busy Sunday, Heavy Eyes...

It's a case of the Mondays...

Welp, In this little posty, you'll get a few things: a recap of the weekend (which is why I've been absent for over a week), a few photos, and a recipe! Wow, you lucky dog!

But first, my favorite: HALLOWEEN!

This will be short and sweet: I was inspired to dress as a devil this Halloween. It was a first for me. I remember almost every costume - 50's girl, hobo, witch, prairie girl, hippie, water polo player, Poison Ivy, Medusa, female pimp, Jem, peacock, Bride of Frankenstein, white-trash mom, Ursula, etc.

In short, I was listening to Fiona Apple back in March and  hear "So what would an angel say? The devil wants to know...." And so, Friday night I donned horns, a make-shift red tutu, face paint, and a devilish grin. Success? I think so... You be the judge!

Next: Frank's Birthday!

My lovely husband turned 30 on October 16th. He was marginally freaked out about it. So I schemed with Momma Lynn & Janet to throw him a surprise…