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What Good's Love If It Ain't Complicated?

"With both hands on the wheel of a getaway car... From the day we met we were goin' too fast, we were born to run, we were built to last.. All I know is sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. But what good's love if it ain't a little complicated? It don't always go just like you hoped it would, but sometimes complicated's pretty damn good..."

In the last 2 months, when someone asks me how things are going with the house, my response is generally something sarcastic like: "Frank's still alive - that's about all I got!"

What I mean is, I haven't strangled or suffocated him in his sleep.

What I really mean is, we're continuing to work as a team while we face the unbelievably difficult and complicated task of preparing a house for our life, and trying to make it our home.

What I really, really mean is, despite the fact that we yell at each other and get frustrated and he acts like a 5 year old and gives me the silent treatment…