What Good's Love If It Ain't Complicated?

"With both hands on the wheel of a getaway car... From the day we met we were goin' too fast, we were born to run, we were built to last.. All I know is sometimes you love it, sometimes you hate it. But what good's love if it ain't a little complicated? It don't always go just like you hoped it would, but sometimes complicated's pretty damn good..."

In the last 2 months, when someone asks me how things are going with the house, my response is generally something sarcastic like: "Frank's still alive - that's about all I got!"

What I mean is, I haven't strangled or suffocated him in his sleep.

What I really mean is, we're continuing to work as a team while we face the unbelievably difficult and complicated task of preparing a house for our life, and trying to make it our home.

What I really, really mean is, despite the fact that we yell at each other and get frustrated and he acts like a 5 year old and gives me the silent treatment and I get frustrated and yell even louder, we still leave the house with smiles on our faces because this is something we've achieved together. And despite my reticence to ever admit this, I married Frank because, unlike every man that ever came before him, he still makes me feel comforted and content, even when I want to kill him.

Our relationship is unique. That's nothing new. Interact with us for 5 minutes and you'll surely see us bicker and poke fun at each other. I imagine it's entertaining and humorous to an audience. Truth be told, it's pretty entertaining for us, too.

Our relationship is nothing short of complicated. Frank is stubborn, anal, and ridiculous about an affinity of things that seem meaningless to me. But at the same time, I am arrogant, loud, and quick to argue... In fact, I was recently called "vicious" by a stranger. It's a long story, but I was pretty feisty during said encounter... When we fight, like really fight, it's loud and vengeful. And while we learned how to effectively argue with the intent to find resolve, sometimes we just scream at each other and find absolutely ZERO common ground.

I'll tell you that I'm usually the one to concede (and you should believe me, because it's TRUE). Frank might tell you that he concedes more often. But that couldn't be farther from the truth!

So while we love to hate each other, every night that we fall asleep together, or, more accurately, Frank falls asleep and starts snoring and I fall asleep some 2 hours later, I am thankful that Frank's the one I get to hate every night, and love every day.

Afterall, what good's love if it ain't a little complicated?



Our house is getting tented today. And all I can really say is THANK HEAVENS! Our back room has fleas and I have at least 30 flea bites ALL. OVER. MY. FEET. AND. ANKLES. AND. LEGS. and I'm legit dying...


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