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Hi! ::Waves::  

I'm Lauren. Lolo. Auntie Lolo. The Lady. Laureeeeena. 

First, let me thank you, like, really thank you for visiting Flours & Diamonds. I was inspired by my birthday twin* to begin yet another blog. I've literally started so many blogs, I can't even begin to count them all, or tell you all the topics I've attempted to cover. At this point, I'm pretty sure I'm just crazy, because I don't really know how I think I'll have time to manage this, on top of all the other things I do...

So for you, the hopefully soon-to-be loyal reader, I promise, like, super-pinkie-promise, cross my heart and hope to die promise, that I will post regularly (at least once a week), until my 30th birthday on April 5th, 2015 - which, by the way - is Easter Sunday. I mean, really? Easter Sunday, I guess it's just rational since I was born on Good Friday... 

So, why is this blog called Flours and Diamonds? If you know anything about me, you'll know I am not romantic, not in the slightest. Give me a Coors Light tall can, a hot dog, and a good baseball/football game any day over expensive diamonds and flowers.

Flours: I love to cook. Almost even more, I love to bake. I've even ventured into paleo baking, including the uses of almond, potato, and coconut flours. More often than not, after I'm done baking, flour dust can be found all over me: my clothing, my hair, my kitchen counter, and clouding the diamonds in my wedding ring. 

Diamonds: I think a lot about love. Not the mushy kind of love courtesy of Nicholas Sparks/Danielle Steele/Jackie Collins novels. More like the love I have for people, how good it feels to be loved by my husband, my momma, or my baby nephew when he hugs me. The love I have for places, things,  activities, and other proper nouns: Los Angeles, The Dodgers, Disneyland, San Francisco, Maui, Santa Cruz, Diet Coke, The 49ers, a delicious donut, a Seelbach cocktail, Las Vegas, laying by a pool all day drinking margaritas, laughing with my best friends, good art spending time with my family, annoying my husband, getting manicures and pedicures, and general ridiculousness. For me, diamonds are as timeless as all the things I love. 

And me? Well, it depends on the day, and it depends on who you ask.  Ask my husband, Frank, and most days he'd say I'm loud, some days he'll say I'm fun. Ask Momma Lynn and she'll tell you I'm funny. Ask my best friends and they'll tell you I'm loyal. Ask my boss and she'll tell you I'm hard working and talented. Ask me, and I'll tell you I'm sarcastic, loud, funny, artsy, and dedicated. I think it shows some good character when your friends and the people closest to you will use the same words to describe you that you use for yourself.

You should also know that once I post something, I will obsessively read it over and over again. Until I post something else. The same thing goes for anything I create that's not work related. Yeah, I'm kinda narcissistic... Oh well! 

Here's to Flours in your kitchen and Diamonds in your heart. 


Yup, it's a pretty old photo - April 6, 2014

*I can't mention my birthday twin, Tabitha Carnes, and not point you to her fantastic blog, Aisle Hi-Five. And I call her my birthday twin because we are birthday twins, and she was actually the first person I had ever met that shares my birthday. We'll both turn 30 next year - send us a birthday wish!


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