Thursday, March 5, 2015

62 Days of 30: Day 17/Day 32: If Variety Is The Spice Of Life...

Day 17/Day 32... If variety is the spice of life, then it's no wonder I am bored as shit.

I started this topic over 2 weeks ago. And I'll be honest, I was seriously bored, and just feeling overwhelmed with things, and life in general. I was sick, well, I'm still sick. Quite frankly, I have bronchitis. I also have Asthma. I also was fearful I was going to get pneumonia. I honestly had this blog in the back of my mind, but I just couldn't get my shit together to write anything more than the first line.

But I'd be lying if I said, last night, in a cough medicine with codeine fog, I didn't lay in bed and write out several topic which I could cover on this blog. And honestly, the first thing I thought of made me laugh so hard I had to get out of bed because I couldn't stop coughing.

Various topics include:
Why I Hate The Color Pink
I Ate A Piece Of Pizza
I Should Be A Professional Crab Picker
A Snowboard To The Chest
I Think I Discovered A New Disorder Is A Real Website
Twitter Is Useless If You're Not A Celebrity
and, of course, my own personal favorite: My Husband Is A Square

I'll just let these marinate with you. I will, most likely, cover every. single. one. at some point, or another, in the next 27 days.


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