Tuesday, February 3, 2015

62 Days of 30 - Day 2: The Whole(30) Enchilada

Day 2: The Whole(30) Enchilada.

Well, not really. This isn't even about Enchiladas. I'm sorry if I got your hopes up. Maybe, at some point, when I don't want to kill everything (I'll explain), I'll share Momma Lynn's recipe for her famous (in our family) Italian-Style Enchiladas.

So here it is, the Whole30. Basically, it means, I'm crazy. Haha!

In the simplest of terms, the Whole30 is a way to reset your digestive system back to, pretty much, birth. It's a fantastically ridiculous program where basically, you don't eat anything except natural meat, veggies, and fruit.

That means, for 30 days, you completely eliminate: preservatives of any kind, added sugar (real or artificial), grains, carbs, starch (some is allowed in the form of yams and white potatoes), legumes (snap peas and green beans are allowed, but did you know peanuts are legumes?!), alcohol, dairy, and soy. Which, again, pretty much leaves you with meat, veggies, and fruit. With all this talk about enchiladas, I might have to figure out a way to make some type of enchilada something-or-other that works with the Whole30. If it's good, I'll share that recipe, too!

It's a challenge. Believe me, it's a CHALLENGE, but in the end, it's pretty awesomely worth it. I completed my first Whole30 Life Challenge last March. I maintained a relatively similar eating lifestyle for about 3 months following my completion. Then, I fell off.

This time, I've got a little more resolve. Ok, maybe it's a lot more resolve, because, like the crazy, all-or-nothing, I can't do it if I'm not all-in, person that I am, 30 days isn't enough this time. That's right. I said it. It's. Not. Enough!

So, because I've lost my mind and I can't seem to find it anywhere, I'm eating clean, whole, and giving myself a good life, for 62 days. (Praise the Lord, I've already completed day 1!)

Why 62? Well, as I covered in the first post from 62 Days of 30, there are/were 62 days between February 2nd and April 4th. That being said, I WILL have cake, and champagne, and orange juice, and pancakes, and BACON!!! on my 30th birthday, which is April 5th. Which also happens to be Easter. Eff word.

So now, I'm sure you're burning with desire to know why I'm doing yet another Whole30, and why I did it in the first place.

Well, as I've shared in the past, I have a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I've struggled with it for many years, and along with that struggle, comes a very difficult time losing weight, and/or maintaining weight loss. Completing a Whole30 was one of the best forms of treatment I've ever found. But, the kicker is, you can't fall off. Thus, 30 days isn't enough for me.

At some point in me early adult life, I read that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit. Well, if I'm spending 62 days breaking years of bad eating habits, then maybe, hopefully, I won't fall off at the completion of this challenge. I will make better food choices, and instinctively reach for a handful of almonds instead of a handful of Cheetos...

And why would I want to kill everything? Well, when you consistently tell your brain you can't have something, you pretty much just get angry, and then when you're hungry, you get hangry! And even though your coworker didn't really do anything, except walk by your office eating Doritos so loudly that you can hear them all the way down the hall, you still want to punch them in the face. And then eat their Doritos by the fist-full. But you won't. Because like they say "this too, shall pass."

Here's to another 61 days of the Whole30! Cheers! (even though I'm cheers-ing you with plain water...)

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