Monday, February 2, 2015

62 Days Of....

62 Days of What? Well, 62 days of clean eating, for starters. 62 days of zero preservatives, alcohol, added sugar, starch, carbs, legumes, dairy, and most of all, 62 days of life.

In the next 62 days (why 62? I'll cover that shortly), I will cover a variety of topics. It's my goal to post everyday. That's right. I said it. EVERYDAY. So what will you get in the next 62 days, dear reader? You'll get recipes, anecdotes, fun posts about things I love, hilarious posts about things I loathe, and maybe, when it's all over, you'll be inspired. Inspired to eat clean, to come up with your own recipes, to laugh at your own stupidity, to laugh at my own stupidity, to love your family unconditionally, and to celebrate everything. All the time. Everyday.

Now, Why 62? Well, as I'm sure my birthday twin can understand, there are just 62 days till April 5, 2015. And what happens on April 5, 2015? I'll turn 30. Thirty. Trenta. Treinta. Trente. Trinta. Dertig. By the way, that's 30 in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portugese, and, funny enough, Dutch.


As I've shared in my 30 For 30 explanation, I am mostly fine with this. There are still a lot of things I want to accomplish, but, for the most part, April 5, 2015 will be just another birthday for me. And let's be clear, if you've learned nothing else about me - besides that I'm freakin' hilarious - you should know, by now, that I LOVE birthdays. And not just mine - but ALL birthdays! By the way, the 30 for 30 list has been updated, as I've completed a handful of those tasks - YESSSSS!

So today is day 1 of 62 days. I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath - if you're not, you should be! - asking yourself, what's she going to cover on day 1.

62 Days of 30 - Day 1: Something I love: Getting my hair cut.

This photo was taken just now - like, within the last 5 minutes. Do you see my hair? I mean, really, do you see it? Because this is what it looks like when I don't flat iron it. This is what it looks like when I spray water on it and just leave the house because I ran out of time. This is my hair, people!

It's frizzy and curly and unruly and downright heavy. For a while I had a glorious short, A-Line bob cut that I loved. But then I wanted long hair for the wedding, and I've been letting it grow ever since. My current life-goal (in regards to me hair) is to have hair like Beyonce. I'm on my way, I think!

In any case, why do I love getting my hair cut. Well, I find it relaxing. I have a fantastic stylist, whom I brag about ALL THE TIME! No joke, I was JUST bragging about Stephanie yesterday! More than that, Stephanie knows my hair. She's seen me through various hair cuts - the stacked bob, the awkward grow-out phase, this monstrosity of natural curls, and yes, even talked me down from desperately wanting a sidecut 5 months ago.

I acknowledge that my hair isn't easy to cut. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to give me a cut that looks good when it's natural, and when it's ironed. Stephanie does that every time. Long hair or short hair, she knows the best way to give me the cut I want. On top of all that, I love having someone else blow dry and iron my hair.

I'm lazy. There, I said it. Want to know a secret? Sure you do! When my hair is straight, there's a good chance I haven't washed in at least 5 days. I rarely wash my hair. And you'd never know it! I'm lazy because it takes at least 25 minutes to blow dry my hair. Then I have to rest, because my arms are tired and I'm a hot, sweaty mess. Even though I just got out of the shower. Then comes the flat iron. That takes at least an hour. So right there, not counting my "rest" time, it takes nearly 90 minutes to iron my hair. Now, if I can pay someone to do it, well then! I'm all in!

So, here's a little lovin', going out to the lovely Stephanie at Innovators Salon in Campbell! If you're in the market for a new stylist, she's my number one pick!

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