The Money Diaries: Day 2

Day 2

5:47am -- My husband left with out turning off his alarm. Since I'm unfamiliar with the clock he uses, I have to turn the light on and get out of bed to turn it off. After the election results last night, I only got about 5 hours of sleep - and there's no way I'm going back to bed now. I force myself to stay off Facebook. I can't handle the extreme sadness and disappointment, let alone the few gloaters I encountered, right now. Instead, I briefly look on Amazon for Christmas gifts for my nephew before deciding I need to buy myself a present: a "Make America Kind Again" tote bag on Etsy; and in the moment, it makes me feel better... $20.35

7:23am -- Looks like I WAS going back to sleep after the alarm debacle. I slipped off to sleep while watching a feel-good movie (The Way Way Back), and missed my 6:30am alarm. So I scramble around to get ready. Shower, get dressed, and toss some GF raisin bread in the toaster while I'm putting my make up on. I don't have time to get a lunch together, but I have a few things I can eat at work. I eat my toast over the sink, quickly brush my teeth and head out the door just before 8:30am.

9:47am -- Since I was late this morning I jump right in to work. My bosses are away for the day, so I have lots of uninterrupted time to work on some projects. The next thing I know, I'm starving and in desperate need of coffee. I head to the kitchen to make an iced mocha (I rarely drink hot coffee), and buy a fig and peach bar from the vending machine to stave off the hunger for now. $1

1:36pm -- I'm feeling hungry and nauseated all at the same time. I did some research about the president-elect and I can't feel confident in this decision. I snack on some GF crackers because I just don't feel like eating right now.

3:28pm -- After writing my feelings down - and, I'll admit, posting them on Facebook for a bit of validation - I am feeling mildly better. I have worked on a number of projects today and despite not having lunch, my stomach feels a little better. My co-worker brings a smile to my face and presents me with an ice cream cone from across the street. When I offer to pay him, he turns me down, so I drop the money into the Turkey Fund jar to buy Thanksgiving turkeys for the food bank where my mom volunteers. $2

5:08pm -- I leave the office and head to my best friend's house. We made a date to go out tonight on Monday, and after all the feels I've experienced today, I need a drink. She texts me that she's running late at work, I realize I am close to a drive-thru car wash, so I stop in before picking her up. $8

7:33pm -- We eat and sip sauvignon blanc at our favorite happy hour spot in Downtown San Jose while talking politics, disappointment, fear, our relationships, and so much more. I feel better just having been in her company for a few hours. Our total bill is $56.94 with tip. We split it straight across. $28.47

8:12pm -- After leaving the restaurant she asks me if we can visit our friend who is a hair stylist at her salon so she can pick up some product. It's a short drive so I don't mind. Even though I wasn't planning to buy anything, I realize the salon stocks the shampoo and conditioner my husband has been asking for. I grab them and she purchases them for me with her 50% off discount. I get away relatively unscathed when I VenMo her the cash. $14

Total for the day:

Day 2: $73.82


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