The Money Diaries: Day 4

7:16am -- I woke up at my normal time, 6:30am, and went about my routine, but a bit different. I go to the bathroom and have my shower, but sit in the living room and watch the news for a while because my husband is still in bed since he has the day off. My on-air boss texts me about my shift for Thanksgiving weekend and we negotiate whether I need time off to go down to Oceanside to potentially meet our new niece (if she makes her debut early). We come to an amicable agreement and she compliments me about my presence on-air. It gives me a little validation that I didn't totally know I needed.

8:53am -- I skipped my regular breakfast at home, so I choked down a protein bar at the office. I decide I need coffee so I venture to the kitchen to make an iced mocha to find that someone has used the rest of the creamer I brought in last week... I use powdered cream and just deal with it. As I walk back to my office I catch one of my bosses in the hallway and we start chatting and joking around with another coworker. By the time I get back to my office it's after 9am, so I get started on my tasks for the day.

12:17pm -- We go out to lunch almost every Friday. One of my bosses is staying behind so she can get things finished because she wants to leave early today. My other boss is leaving straight from lunch. I had suggested my husband meet us, but since we're not going to a big lunch out, I don't call him. The 4 of us head to a local shopping center with tons of options for a quick lunch. I go to Poki Bowl with one of my coworkers. I order a large (4 scoops of fish), 1/2 brown rice 1/2 mixed greens, salmon and ahi, avocado, crab, masago, and green onion. It's delicious, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I can't finish all the rice, but I make sure to eat all the fish, since that's the best part anyway. $13.03

3:27pm -- I take off early since my husband is at home. I told him I would try to get off a little early so that we can go to Home Depot to get a few things we need to prepare our house for a housewarming party we are hosting next Saturday.

6:07pm -- We have effectively spent more than 2 hours wandering around Home Depot. It begs to be mentioned that I HATE Home Depot, and the reason he asked me to go was so that I could choose the color roses I wanted. We didn't look at rose bushes, and we certainly didn't buy any! But, he did purchase the saw he's been wanting, some blades, and some materials to fix a step that leads from our kitchen into the patio room. He pays with his a gift card and his birthday money. The remainder sets us back about $85 - though I don't know the total because he paid with cash that's left over from our vacation. At this point, I'll call it a wash since the money didn't come out of our account and I didn't even know he had cash...

8:46pm -- He strategically chose the Home Depot in Campbell so that we could go to Hooters for dinner. Before we bought our house we ate dinner at Hooters pretty much every Friday night. Now we don't really have money to eat out that frequently - we still treat ourselves, but certainly not every Friday. Since my diet is restricted we just have wings, fries, and I order a side salad. The last time I drank beer I had a really hard time (not gluten free), so I stick with water and my husband has 2 beers. I think the bill is around $79, though I can't be sure because he paid with cash again. Knowing him as I do, he tipped our bartender well, so I'm guessing our total was about $100. Again, I had no idea we even had this money, so I'm not counting this.

Day 4 Total: $13.03


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