The Money Diaries: Day 5

5:47am -- Because I am CRAZY, I wake up at 5:20am every Saturday morning to work a 6am-10am air shift at my radio station. The saving grace in this is that I don't have to get ready. I go to the bathroom, rinse my face with cool water, get dressed, grab some breakfast, and head out the door. I consider a quick Starbucks order, but skip the coffee this morning... sometimes it hypes me up too much and I talk too fast on the air... oops! Today I pack a GF bagel with cream cheese, pear, and apple sauce for breakfast. I have to be careful what time I eat because otherwise I will be starving by the time I get off at 10am.

8:03am -- I have eaten my bagel and apple sauce. I am eyeing my pear, but making myself have restraint. During the election on Tuesday night I needed a distraction... A local news station posted a live Facebook video of puppies at the Oakland Animal Shelter. They showcased a 5 month old blue nose pit bull named Lincoln (my husband's favorite historical figure). Now he's determined to bring Lincoln home with us. So I am researching dogs at that shelter to find out if Lincoln has been adopted. If he has, we might head to Mountain View to check out a 14 week old boxer pup named Jo Montana (my husband's favorite 49er player - do you see the connections?!). Dog adoptions aren't cheap, but I've been keeping about $300 tucked away in my underwear drawer for just  such an occasion...

9:16am -- I was texting my mom this morning and it looks like my dad wants to come over and do some prep work for our housewarming party. I just found out from the Oakland Shelter that Lincoln was adopted on Thursday and is on a plane headed for Idaho so he can run and play on a farm with his new family. My heart is sad, and I know my husband will be bummed. But the shelter volunteer that was messaging me said their are 2 other similar dogs that need homes. Once I hear from my husband we will make our plan and figure out what we're doing with my dad today. I hate waiting...

10:37am -- I am home from work and my husband and I have agreed that we are not going to Oakland today. I can't find any definitive information about where Jo Montana might be shown today. Instead, I see that her brother will be available for adoption at Petsmart in Mountain View. I get ready and we head over there.

11:45am -- We stop at In'N'Out for lunch first. I order the old standby: a Double-Double Animal Style with no pickles, Protein Style (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun), with fries and a lemonade to drink. My husband pays with his debit card. $17.73

1:04pm -- The adoption event was a bust. The Jo Montana  wasn't there, and a woman beat me to her brother, Amos. I ask about how to find out where Jo Montana might be, and they advise we go to Humane Society Silicon Valley and speak with someone about her.

1:32pm -- We walk into the shelter and as we are standing in line to talk someone at the adoption desk, a pink wire pen catches my eye. There's my girl, in all her fawn-colored glory. I abandon my husband and walk over to her. I ask a barrage of questions to find out she IS available, and talk to the foster human to learn more about this fun girl. She loves to play, but when she's done, she wants to be where you are. She's already socialized a bit, and sleeps in a crate. She "marks" her humans by shoving her nose in your face/neck/chest/hand/leg, etc. She's the sweetest.

2:28pm -- My husband signs his name on the dotted line as Montana and I sit  at the adoption desk cuddling. She was not cheap, but she is worth it. It seems no one has wanted her so far. Boxers sometimes have a bad stigma, and people that have looked at her recently haven't wanted such a young puppy - she's not quite 13 weeks. We pay cash with the money I've been saving for us to adopt a dog. Her fees include spay, microchip, all vaccines up to this point, a $125 deposit for puppy training, and a puppy guide. Even though she can't be on the ground and I have to carry her out, we have to buy a collar and leash in order to leave with her. $227.46

4:07pm -- We are home and Montana is pooped! She has had a ton of activity today. After we adopted her we went to Petsmart to get the rest of the supplies we need to give her a good life: crate and crate pad, puppy chow, potty training treats, food and water bowls. My husband pays with some cash he's also been hoarding for my Christmas gift. Looks like Montana is going to be my Christmas present.. I am A-OK with this!

6:22pm -- Time for dinner. My husband asks for Chinese food, so I order some chow mein, pot stickers, and Mongolian beef from our old standby: $24.85

Daily Total from our Bank account: $42.58
Daily Total from cash saved: $227.46


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